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Mr Andy Fawkes

My name is Andy Fawkes, and I am delighted to be the Headteacher of our school.

I joined Linchfield after almost three years as the Headteacher of a Church of England school in Hull. The school underwent many changes during my time there, and outcomes for children significantly improved. Prior to that, I was Head of School, and Deputy Headteacher of a large inner-city primary school in Nottingham. I have also taught in Wisbech and in Newark at the start of my career.

As a Headteacher, I have a few guiding principles which I wish to share with you:

My office door is always open! 

If parents and carers have issues or concerns, I am always happy to listen and to help. If I am unavailable at the time, I am more than happy for parents and carers to book appointments to see me via the school office or to email me. My email address is public and this is probably the best way to contact me –

I expect excellence!

Our children only get one attempt at primary school and I intend to give them the best education I possibly can. My aim is for our children to make outstanding progress. I will work in partnership with the governing body, making changes to our provision, to make this happen.

We are here for the community

As a school, we serve the community. We are here for the community and to play a full part in the community. I want all our children to become the well-rounded citizens of tomorrow and I believe that we must give them every opportunity to develop their sense of social and moral responsibility.

None of this can be achieved without the support of our parents and carers. Undoubtedly, Linchfield has had some challenges in recent years. We cannot change our past, it has gone.

However, by working together, I hope that we can take Linchfield to new heights.

I look forward to working in partnership with you all, for the benefit of our children.


Mr Stephen Hines

Parent Governor

Term of Office: 19/05/15 - 18/05/19

Lead Role(s): Co-Chair of the Full Governing Body

Member of the School Improvement Committee

Subject Responsibility: Maths & Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS)


I started living in the Deepings at the age of 1. I attended Linchfield and then the Deepings School. I am married with four children; two of them attend Linchfield.


I am a barrister and I own and manage my own barristers’ chambers. Like every other parent, I want to ensure that my children get a first-class education. I am committed to making the most of my personal and professional experiences to benefit the school and its pupils.



Mr Mark Gregson

Parent Governor

Term of Office: 2/3/17 - 1/3/21

Was Associate Member (15/10/15 - 2/3/17)

Was Parent Governor (27/9/11 - 26/9/15)

Lead Role(s): Co-Chair of the Full Governing Body

Member of the Finance, Staffing & Resources Committee

Subject Responsibility: ICT



Mrs Tara George

Co-opted Governor

Term of Office: 03/03/16 - 02/03/2020

Lead Role(s): Vice Chair of the Full Governing Body

Member of the Finance, Staffing and Resources Committee

Subject Responsibility: History


I moved to the Deepings in 2014 when I met and moved in with my husband and have tried to immerse myself in our local community. I currently volunteer at Linchfield as a Governor and support Age Concern Deeping with their fundraising events.


Professionally, I have spent my whole career working in education, predominantly in HR. I am currently an HR Business Partner at a Cambridgeshire based Multi- Academy Trust and prior to this I worked in a school as a PA to the Principal with responsibility for internal HR.


I want to be able to give something back to society and I believe that I can do this by supporting in the education sector. Our children get one chance at their education and I want to work to make sure that their experience is the best it can be.



Mr John Lavery

Co-opted Governor

Term of Office: 11/11/17 - 10/11/21 (Previous Term of Office: 11/11/13 - 10/11/17)

Lead Role(s): Link Governor and Chair of the Finance Staffing & Resources Committee

Member of the Finance, Staffing & Resources Committee

Subject Responsibility: History, Geography & International Schools


I am married and live in Maxey.

I am a freelance journalist, writer and photographer.  Prior to that I was a newspaper editor for many years.

Before going into journalism I worked for Lincolnshire County Council education department for nine years and have always maintained a strong interest in education.

I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to serve on the governing body and I hope that in some small way I may be able to make a valuable contribution to all the excellent work being done by everyone at Linchfield to provide the best possible education for the children.



Mrs Sue Willey

LA Governor

Term of Office: 03/12/15 - 02/12/19

Was Co-opted Governor (01/10/14 - 30/09/18)

Member of the School Improvement Committee

Subject Responsibility: EYFS, Assessment, Whistleblowing & Pupil Premium


I first came to live in the Deepings in 1979 when I began my teaching career at Deeping St James County Primary.  After four years my husband and I went to work overseas firstly in Oman and then Cairo. In 1990, we returned to Market Deeping and I began teaching at Linchfield where I remained until 2007. We then returned to the Middle East in fact to Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Whilst there, I taught in a range of primary schools both international and private.  In addition, I also worked as an advisor for a school improvement company supporting a new government initiative.


I am married with two grown up daughters and I'm a grandmother. Both of my daughters were educated at Linchfield and The Deepings School.


As a LA governor, I hope that the many skills that I have developed through out my teaching career will contribute to the future development of the school. I look forward to working with a committed board of governors and a professional and dedicated teaching staff ensuring that Linchfield provides the quality of education its children so rightly deserve.



Miss Sarah Pullen

Staff Governor

Term of Office: 21/11/17 - 20/11/21

Member of the School Improvement Committee

Subject Responsibility: TBC



Mrs Kelly Brackley

Parent Governor

Term of Office: 05/02/16 - 04/02/20

Lead Role(s):  Chair of the School Improvement Committee

Member of the School Improvement Committee

Subject Responsibility: School Parliament, Investors in Pupils & SEND


I have two children currently attending Linchfield and I have been an active member of the Friends of Linchfield School since 2015.


Prior to family life, I worked for Local Government in an enforcement role and I believe that the skills and experiences gained during my career will help me as parent governor.


I am delighted to be part of a team dedicated to ensuring the best possible education for all the children at Linchfield.



Miss Selina Pacey 

Associate Member and Deputy Headteacher

Term of Office: Yearly, agreed December to December

Member of the School Improvement Committee

No voting rights



Mrs Lisa Davis

Associate Member and School Business Manager

Term of Office: Yearly, agreed December to December

Member of the Finance, Staffing & Resources Committee

Voting rights on Finance, Staffing & Resources Committee only



Mr Andrew Armstrong

Co-opted Governor

Term of Office: 10/10/17 - 9/10/21

Was Associate Member 3/3/16 - 10/10/17

Member of the Finance, Staffing & Resources Committee

Subject Responsibility: TBC


I moved to the Deepings area in 2015 with my wife and two children.  My son is a pupil here at Linchfield and my daughter is a pupil at The Deepings Comprehensive school.


I believe that all children have the right to the best education and that schools should aspire to exceed both the pupils and parents expectations.


Professionally I work for a large manufacturer of aerospace engines as a Manufacturing Engineer.


Mrs Emily Bass

Parent Governor

Term of Office: 16/5/17 - 15/5/21

Member of the School Improvement Committee

Subject Responsibility: Building Learning Powers


I moved to Deeping with my young family in 2014 and loved the look of the work that they do at Linchfield. When my children started to attend Linchfield I wanted to find a way to be more involved with their education and I felt that my experience and skills would lend themselves to the work of the governing body.


I am an experienced teacher at a large, successful primary school in Peterborough. My work also involves working with other schools to support them in developing their curriculums to build children's communication skills, as well as delivering teacher training workshops to new teachers and trainees. I am passionate about finding the best learning approach to suit the needs of our children and excited about the opportunity to work together with the amazing staff at Linchfield to deliver it.


Mr Stuart Robinson

Parent Governor

Term of Office:  24/9/18 - 23/9/22


I am a parent of two cjildren currently attending Linchfield and live in Deeping St James.  I grew up in South Lincolnshire and moved back to the area in 2016.  It's my firm belief that all children deserve to have the best possible education available to them and that their school should offer them a wide range of experiences to meet the changing world they grow up in.  Equally its important that their time in school should be as enjoyable as possible.


I work as a project manager within a large financial institution and want to use the skills and experience I have gained for the benefit of the school wherever possible.



Mrs Johann Boorman

Clerk (04/03/15 - )


I moved to Market Deeping in 2014, from Kent.  I am married with 2 children, both at secondary school.  I joined the Linchfield Governing Body, as Clerk, in March 2015.  Prior to this, I clerked at numerous schools for Kent County Council and Medway County Council.  I enjoy working with the Governing Body, assisting them in reaching the goals and vision for the school.