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Welcome to Linchfield Community Primary School


Welcome to Linchfield Community Primary School and thank you for considering sending your child to our school. I am incredibly proud to lead this school and its dedicated staff. Linchfield has undergone an enormous transition in recent years and continues to grow and thrive. 


Our mission is to create the best primary school in The Deepings.  In the four years I have led the school, we have achieved a great deal, much of which can be read about within this prospectus. Linchfield is now judged to be a good school by Ofsted. We are very proud of this judgement, as it is the first time in the school’s history that we have been a good school, and, at the time of writing, we are one of only two good schools in The Deepings. But we are not satisfied with just offering your children a good education.  We are striving to offer your children an outstanding primary education and we will not rest until we have achieved this!


Linchfield is now a strong learning community, where all children are treated as individuals and are encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in many areas. Each time I walk into a classroom I am blown away by the learning opportunities which the staff offer to our children. In the last few weeks alone I have seen children learning about poetry through song lyrics, culminating in the children collectively writing an album, composing the music and professionally recording the tracks for a release on iTunes. I have watched our Year 6 children get to grips with a wide range of Shakespeare’s plays, before scripting their interpretations of plays to perform publically. Another year group looked specifically at healthy eating and diet, welcoming a professional chef into school to help them create a range of healthy recipes which they compiled into a recipe book for sale locally. They launched their recipe books at a pop-up café they held in the school hall. I never know what I am going to see when I walk into one of my classrooms and neither do the children. Linchfield is now an exciting place to be for all!


We offer many opportunities for the children to be involved in the wider life of the school; enrichment is hugely important to us. We are the first primary school in Lincolnshire to achieve Investors in Pupils status, recognition of the level of input which the children have in the running of their school. We also hold the International Schools Accreditation, and have partner schools across the world, notably in Botswana and Nepal, as we try to educate our children to be global citizens of the future. Sport is also important to us and we hold the School Games Silver Award.  We have recently won The Deepings Sports, a local, yet prestigious athletics tournament, as well as many other competitions in the last year. In terms of the use of technology within the curriculum, we have invested heavily in iPads and we now have a member of staff dedicated to helping children to use technology to enhance their learning. We are also an Arts Award Centre and hold the Artsmark, recognition of our work across the arts, including drama, dance, art and music. We also achieved a number 1 in the (children’s) iTunes chart with our first single release, albeit a couple of years ago now, but we are proud of this achievement and it is now our school song. We are now regulars at the Lincolnshire Schools Proms with our stunning choir (who have performed at Britain’s Got Talent!) and our rock band.  It really does all happen at Linchfield; these are just the highlights, and we have many more exciting projects to come. 

My commitment to you as prospective parents and carers is to continually develop my staff to enable them to help your child to fulfil their potential. The children already here are very fortunate to be taught by the team we have in place and I will continue to support and develop them over the years to come. We want to achieve the best results in the area and highly trained staff are key to enabling your children to achieve this.
In choosing Linchfield for your child we ask that you, as parents and carers, enter into a partnership with us. We recognise that we are partners in your child’s education and we want to work together to ensure that they fulfil their potential. Utilising technology, here at Linchfield we are able to give all parents and carers a unique insight into their child’s education each day and we ask that you help to support your child’s learning at home. Equally, we are a community school and want to play a full part in the life of our community. We host and take part in many events locally and hope that you will choose to support us as we work together for the good of our community. At Linchfield we are striving to become one big family and we hope that you will choose to become a part of it.  


If you haven’t already, I urge you to come and visit us before you decide where to send your child. This is an exciting and forward thinking school, with the most dedicated staff I have known and we would love for your child to benefit from all we have to offer. Visits can be arranged through the school office. If I can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I look forward to welcoming you to Linchfield Community Primary School and hopefully working with you and your child in the years to come.  


Best wishes, 


Mr Andy Fawkes




If you cannot find the information that you need on our website, please email ( or telephone the school office (01778 347450) and we will do our best to answer your query as soon as possible.