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Wimbledon Photographs

On Tuesday 7th July, eight children from our school with two adults (Mr Hasler and Mrs Cannon) went to Wimbledon to watch the tennis Championships.  We were chosen to go on the trip from our classes for all our hard work and progress in learning.  I was really excited to be going, and really proud I had been chosen.


At 7:00am we arrived at the school and got on the minibus.  I felt a little bit sleepy from the early start.  We set off and arrived at the train station in Peterborough.  We went to the Waitrose cafe.  We got either toast, a chocolate croissant, or a flapjack.  Soon we got on the train for an hour and we also went on the tube to Wimbledon.  It was my first time on the Tube train.  It was quite busy and loud.


We walked to the stadium from the Tube, and scanned our tickets.  We then went and found our court, which was Court 2.  On the way to find our court Mrs Cannon spotted Judy Murray, Andy and Jamie Murray’s mum.  We had photos taken with Judy Murray – EPIC! 


Court 2 had doubles games all day.  The first game was girl and boy doubles.  We had our lunch when this game was playing.  Later on we went to see ‘Henman’s Hill’ and the big screen.  We also went to the Wimbledon shop.


We watched Jamie Murray, Andy Murray’s brother, play.  He played doubles with John Peers and they won!  I was really pleased as I wanted them to win.  The last  match was Chris Wilkinson and Jeremy Bates.


We travelled back on the Tube and the train.  When we got to the train station we had McDonald’s!  On the way back to school we were singing on the minibus!


It was nearly nine o’clock when we got back.  I felt exhausted but happy.


Charlotte - Year 3CB