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Year 6 trip to Stratford

Year 6 had an incredible day at the Shakespeare centre, as you can see from the photos.

We took part in a number of drama sessions during the day; from learning to be a forest to making soundscapes of exotic locations, We learnt about Midsummer Night's Dream, hearing about the funny names Shakespeare created for the travelling acting troop and how they relate to their traditional jobs.

For many, the high light was hearing about how the costume and prop deportment create some of the effects for the stage - even how to make edible poo!

The day ended with the children performing sections of the play after only 20minutes rehearsal.

Mr Reeve and I were very impressed with the year group's acting skills, as we watched the children put all of their scenes together.

The children were fully engaged, enjoyed the day and were excellent ambassadors for Linchfield, well done year 6.