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School Parliament

What is Linchfield’s School Parliament?

Our school parliament is a team of 12 children (from Years 1-6) that work together to improve the school. We understand the importance of the role and how we can help to provide new opportunities and a pupil voice for every child.

At Linchfield we aim to help children and young people to have a greater say over matters that affect our school and wider lives.


What makes our school parliament a good one?

We work together as a team and never give up to make Linchfield the best it can be. Our school parliament respects the views of others. Each class has a school parliament suggestion/ideas box where every child’s voice can be heard.


Why is it an important role?

Our role is important because we can make big decisions and help the school to be a better, safer place.

We are involved in new prospective teaching and support staff appointments, where we interview and afterwards, express our preferences, supported by constructive reasoning as well as personal opinions.

We are also encouraged to have an understanding of the decision making processes involved with the successful running of a happy, healthy Primary School in today’s modern, technological world.


Why is our school parliament effective?

  • Regular meetings
  • A parliament that is not too big
  • Good communication between representatives and their class
  • Training for school parliament members
  • Annual evaluations
  • Fundraising budget review
  • Every child wears a “School Parliament” badge so they can be recognised by others and always lead by example.

What happens at meetings?

Our Parliament usually meets fortnightly. Topics discussed at the meeting are varied but might include school uniform, school meals, playtimes and clubs.

It is up to us to decide the agenda and organise future plans. We have undertaken various projects from ensuring that healthy snacks are eaten at playtime, to introducing a healthy tuckshop. The tuckshop is open to all Linchfield children on a Monday and Friday playtime at the price of 50p per healthy item. Items include: Apple and Pear crisps, Raisins and Popcorn. We then carefully calculate the budget and discuss how this can be used to improve our school.

Individual classes regularly debate whole school issues that they consider unjust or in need of change and their Parliament representatives, chosen by them annually, bring these grievances, ideas or queries to our meetings. Occasionally, staff request that the School Parliament discuss preferences for specific things (eg the colour of the new toilets) once discussed, and answers or solutions are suggested, Mrs Bakermault may bring some of these ideas to the attention of Mr Fawkes who carefully considers the proposals. All answers are reported back to the Parliament and hopefully resolved. We then report back to their own classes.

Any concerns that the children have are raised at the Parliament. All voices are heard.

We have some fantastic ideas for the coming year. Check out the minutes from each meeting to see how these are developing.